N  E  W  S

+ ''Album Documentary'' of the ''DIALOGUES IN THE DARK'' out!     

+ Mert Pekduraner composed a track for 17th Venice Biennale !

+ 2nd Studio Album '' DIALOGUES IN THE DARK'' out!     

+ New single ''Between The Tho Nights'' out!   

+ New single ''A Portrait Of A'' out!

+ ''Mert Pekduraner Trio'' played in Rotterdam. 

+ First studio album's second part ''Geriye Ne Kaldı?'' out ! 

+ The 3th single ''Bahar'' from the DEBUT album out ! 

+ The 2nd single ''Kıyı'' from the DEBUT album out ! 

+ The 1st single ''Gülleri Elinde'' from the DEBUT album out !