Mert Pekduraner is a composer with his main instruments guitar, fretless guitar and e-bow.

He released two studio album from 2021 called
''Geriye Ne Kaldı?'' and ''DIALOGUES IN THE DARK''. 
Pekduraner believes that music should be record live at the studio without metronom.

Amsterdam born composer moved to a small town called Adana in Turkey  when he was five years old.

It is a milestone in his music life that gives an opportunity to hear Anatolia’s sounds and integrates them into his compositions and arrangement ideas.

In his university years at architecture department he worked in multi-disciplinary fields such as visual design, sound design for artworks etc.


Mert practiced with Emre Tankal on harmony / music thinking/ arrangement, Anatolian music and harmony with Erkan Oğur, choral music in different choirs.